Xen Radio Episode 26, and news!

The October 22 episode of XEN RADIO featured “non-classical” music by Jack Tickner, Chicken & the Chick Flicks, and Elaine Walker (aka, Zia), but the episode was anchored by two recordings by the Los Angeles band, PARTCH. The first work is their Grammy-winning recording of Harry Partch’s Castor & Pollux, and the second was their collaboration with PRISM Quartet on Ken Ueno’s new work for Partch instruments and saxophone quartet, Future Lilacs.

Bass marimba key, photo by Steven N. Severinghaus.

And for some news: XEN RADIO will be moving to a new day. Starting November 16, the program will be live at 13:00 UTC on Saturdays. We are still on KPISS, but we are changing days of the week. In the meantime, I ma taking a break for a few weeks, and the next program will be Saturday November 16.

Episode 26 (October 22, 2019)

Chicken & the Chick Flicks — “Going Home” from Too Bad About the Sun
Harry Partch (performed by PARTCH)Castor & Pollux: A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini
Jack Tickner — “Ode to Dogs” from Reassuring Weight
Elaine Walker / Zia — “Golden” from Big Bang!
Ken Ueno (performed by PRISM Quartet & PARTCH)Future Lilacs
Chicken & the Chick Flicks — “Too Bad About the Sun” from Too Bad About the Sun

XEN RADIO will be on break until November 16. It will return on Saturdays at 14:00 UTC on KPISS.FM.

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