Xen Radio Episode 25: Vocal Traditions

This week’s show explores different vocal music from around the world. Some of this deliberately explores microtonality, but much of this comes from a place of simply going for what sounds good and right. In addition to some tracks from the European/Western tradition, we hear music from Australia, Indonesia, India, Tuvu, and Cameroon.

Episode 25: Vocal Traditions (October 15, 2019)

Australian Aboriginal Singers — Traditional Aboriginal singing in Numbulwar
Mergen MongushSigit “Alash”
Aruna SairamRaga surati: Padam Kontegadu
Tenores Di BittiCantu a Ballu Seriu
Nicola Vincentino (performed by Exaudi)Madonna, il poco dolce
Joan La BarbaraShadow Song
Joan La BarbaraErin
Jeffrey Gavett (performed by loadbang)Musicorum et cantorum
Vocal Spectrum — “Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair”
Anatolii KuularSigit (With Igil, a Bowed Instrument)
Baka Pygmies — “Lullaby”
Singers of KpGogo Rego

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