MOONRISE, as performed by The Neave Trio

This single movement work for piano trio was premiered by The Neave Trio on May 4, 2013. This recording is a run through of the work about a month before the premiere. I highly recommend seeing these performers in person.

The finale from The Scent of Jasmine on Parker Street

Faced with the trauma of foreclosure and eviction, Richard and Lynn Forsythe confront the both Thorne the banker and a Marshal as they try to hold onto their home.

Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror

Musique concrète music video. All sounds are derived from John Ashbery’s reading of his poem, “Self portrait in a convex mirror.” This video was shown originally at the Ruben H Fleet Space Theater in San Diego, California on April 11, 2013.

I am my beloved’s

One of eight close harmony motets from The Songs of Solomon. This recording was made by Tony DeRosa.

Easy Street

This charming bit of furniture music was originally written as intermission music for my senior recital in 2007. Since that time, it has been featured in a vimeo film about rock climbing shoes and is my most popular composition by plays on soundcloud.

2011 International Barbershop Chorus Competition

I sang with The Masters of Harmony in the 2011 International Barbershop Chorus Competition. We won the contest and became the 2011 chorus champions. I get a fair amount of face time in the official video released by the Barbershop Harmony Society. I hope to post more barbershop videos as they become available.

John Cage’s Solo for Voice No. 3 (and 30)

This performance of John Cage’s Solo for Voice, No. 3 was performed for my friend Madison Heying’s graduate lecture in musicology. Simultaneously Solo for Voice No. 30 is being performed by Charissa Noble. For my solo, I used a map of Concord, MA to create a melody. Electronics, designed by Derek Jeppsen, respond to my voice and change every time my melody either changes the mode of travel (e.g., by foot or by boat) or when I arrive at major crossroads.

For more recordings and videos, visit my soundcloud page or my youtube channel.

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