Xen Radio, Episode 17

Bohlen-Pierce tuning, which divides and octave and a fifth — or, the tritave — challenges the concept of the octave, and removes its centrality from music. This week we listened exclusively to music that uses Bohlen-Pierce (BP) from a variety of styles.

Episode 17 (August 6, 2019)

Owen Bloomfield (Stephen Fox, Tilly Kooyman, Bohlen-Pierce clarinets)Wanderer
Löis LancasterSintonia do Ocidente
Elaine Walker / Zia — “Stick Men” from Zia V1.5 (1.5)
Charles CarpenterFrog à la Pêche
Curtis Roads — “Purity” from Clang-Tint
Charles CarpenterPêche à la Frog
Elaine Walker / Zia — “Greater Good” from Drum ‘n Space
Löis Lancaster — “Movi-Nove” from Malva

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