Xen Radio, Episode 16

This week is all about new releases! We listened to tracks from four new albums that had just dropped in the last several weeks: Horixens, by Sevish; Hark, Ye Music Lovers, by An Exciting Event; Quarter Tone Partitas, by Frank Rothkamm; and HABAFROPZIPULOPS, by City of the Asleep.

Episode 16 (July 30, 2019)

SevishBetter Left Unanswered
City of the AsleepActivate the Janor Device!!!
An Exciting EventMystery Curve
Frank Rothkammquarter fiesta 7 opus 833.00
Frank Rothkammquarter fiesta 2 opus 828.01
City of the AsleepThe Perils of False Slack
City of the AsleepGive Me Slack…Or Kill Me!
SevishCome on a Journey
An Exciting EventMultiverse
Frank Rothkammquarter fiesta 10 opus 836.00
An Exciting Event Fetus Float Foot

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