Xen Radio, Episode 13

This week’s XEN RADIO featured some contemporary works along with some noise by David First and Chicken and the Chick Flicks, and of course, we continue through Veli Kujala’s Hyperchromatic Counterpoint.

Veli KujalaHyperchromatic Counterpoint: II. Passacaglia
Chicken and the Chick Flicks — “Food for the Restless” from Too Bad About the Sun
David FirstSpacey
Curtis MacDonaldLo Shu Tonality Study Nos. 1 & 2
Veli KujalaHyperchromatic Counterpoint: III. Sculpture
David FirstJumpy
Joel Taylor — Trio for Piano, Vibes, and Hand Pan in 19 EDO
Chicken and the Chick Flicks — “Welcome To My World” from Too Bad About the Sun
Ben Johnston (Kepler Quartet) — String Quartet No. 1, “Nine Variations”: Variation VI. Assertive; and Variation VII. Rather Ominous

XEN RADIO broadcasts every Tuesday at 09:00 Eastern Time / 13:00 UTC on KPISS. There will be no broadcasts on July 2 & 9.

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