Xen Radio, Episode 14

In commemoration of Harry Partch’s 118th birthday on June 24 (the day before the broadcast), this episode features the new recording of Harry Partch’s Sonata Dementia by the Los Angeles group, PARTCH. The work is a bizarre parody of sonata form that uses Patch’s brand of microtonality to mock the modulations of the classical form. Alongside Sonata Dementia are works by Ezra Sims, Ben Johnston, Terry Riley, and we completed our journey through Veli Kujala’s Hyperchromatic Counterpoint.

Episode 14 (June 25, 2019)

Veli KujalaHyperchromatic Counterpoint: IV. Accordion Hyperoriental
Harry Partch (performed by PARTCH)Sonata Dementia
Ezra Sims (Theodore Monk, cello)Solo in Four Movements
Terry Riley (John Schneider, guitar)Quando cosas malas caen del cielo: No. 1, National Broadstreet March
Ben Johnston (Kepler Quartet) — String Quartet No. 1, “Nine Variations”: Variation VIII. Nervous, Driving; Variation IX. Minute, Atmospheric
Veli KujalaHyperchromatic Counterpoint: V. L’harmonie éternelle

XEN RADIO will be taking a break for a couple weeks. We’ll be away July 2 & July 9, but we’ll be back on the air July 16.

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