Xen Radio, Episode 12

Again, XEN RADIO opens and closes with the music of Veli Kujala and Ben Johnston. Their work is joined this week by Fretless Brothers, Jute Gyte, Löis Lancaster, Billy Stiltner, and Eliza Brown.

Episode 12 (June 11, 2019)

Veli KujalaHyperchromatic Counterpoint: Ic. Wer Krümel ißt, wird reich. Bar 16 2/3
Fretless Brothers — “Extinction” from Footsteps
Billy Stiltnergroovy1.stiltner17.2.ji.submoments.p17g7 from groovy
Eliza Brown (Spectral Quartet) — String Quartet No. 1
Löis Lancaster — “Nome Feito” from Malva
Jute Gyte — “Oviri” from Oviri
Fretless Brothers — “Lament” from Footsteps
Ben Johnston (Kepler Quartet) —String Quartet No. 1, “Nine Variations”: Variation IV, Impetuous, and Variation V. Fluid, Pulsating

XEN RADIO broadcasts Tuesdays at 09:00 Eastern Time / 13:00 UTC on KPISS. The program will be taking a break on July 2 & 9, and returning on July 16.

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