Xen Radio, Special Edition: The Mercury Tree

For this special edition of XEN RADIO, I was joined in the KPISS RV by the mircotonal rock band, The Mercury Tree. They’re in the midst of a tour all over the country and I was luck enough for them to make the time to visit the studio and to curate a playlist of xenharmonic/microtonal tracks that they love.

Special Edition, No. 1 (May 17, 2019)

Mercury Tree — “Interglacial” from Spidermilk
Cryptic Ruse — “I Don’t Think Those Are Trees” from Chains of Smoke
Ilevens — “SIVI” from TRANSMITTER
Fabio CostaAphoristic Madrigal
Wendy Carlos — “Beauty and the Beast” from Beauty and the Beast
Sevish — “Droplet” from Rhythm and Xen
Elaine Walker / Zia — “Love is the Catalyst” from Drum ‘n’ Space
Jack Tickner — “Shame” from Reassuring Weight
Mercury Tree — “Brake for Genius” from Spidermilk

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