Xen Radio, Episode 7

Xenharmonic and microtonal music is more than “classical” experimentations and deviations from 12-tone equal temperament (in fact, there’s really quite a bit to say about how loaded the term “microtonal music” truly is — but that’s a discussion for another day), so this episode is almost completely filled with tracks from the rock, jazz, and other streams of xenharmonic music.

Episode 7 (April 30, 2019)

Dave Fiuczynski — “Sun Song” from Planet Microjam
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard — “Nuclear Fusion” from The Flying Microtonal Banana
Jon Catler — “Planet Slicer 1” from Jon Catler
Sevish — “Xenomic” from Subversio
David Hykes & Djamchid Chemirani — “Just Between Ourselves” from Windhorse Riders
Jon Catler — “Planet Slicer 2” from Jon Catler
Philipp Gerschlauer, David Fiuczynski & Jack DeJohnette — “LaMonte’s Gamelan Jam” from Mikrojazz
Joan La Barbara (performed by Joan La Barbara and Newband) Silent Scroll
Philipp Gerschlauer, David Fiuczynski & Jack DeJohnette — “MikroSteps” from Mikrojazz

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