Xen Radio, Episode 10

Over the next several weeks (now until the June 25 episode) XEN RADIO will be featuring sections of two major microtonal works: Ben Johnston’s String Quartet No. 1, Nine Variations, and Veli Kujala’s Hyperchromatic Counterpoint. Kujala’s work will be opening each show, and Johnston’s will be closing each show; sometimes, you might hear one of those movements among the the middle of the show. This week was also the first track we’ve heard by Harry Partch — who we’ll be hearing more of in the weeks to come — and three tracks from Brendan Byrnes album Room Tapes.

Episode 10 (May 28, 2019)

Veli KujalaHyperchromatic Counterpoint: Ia. Wer Krümel ißt, wird reich. Bulgarian Infinity Series
Brendan Byrnes — “Cave Dance” from Room Tapes
Ivan Wyschnegradsky (Josef Christof & Steffen Schleiermacher, pianos)Preludes in Quarter-Tone System: XXIV
Harry PartchDark Brother
Brendan Byrnes — “Geometric Shapes” from Room Tapes
Acreil — “Coccyx” from Shapes With and Without Corners
Andrew McIntosh (James Sullivan, Brian Walsh, and Andrew McIntosh)Symmetry Etude VI
Dean Drummond (Newband)Before the Last Laugh
Bad Canada — “Lovely” from Bad Canada
Brendan Byrnes — “Blurry Vision” from Room Tapes
Ben Johnston (Kepler Quartet) — String Quartet No. 1, Nine Variations: Variation I. Clear and Concentrated

XEN RADIO broadcasts every Tuesday at 09:00 Eastern Time / 13:00 UTC on KPISS, The Golden Stream.

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