Xen Radio, Episode 5

The first five weeks of Xen Radio are done. This week’s episode featured larger works (20+ minutes) such as Georg Friedrich Haas’ Limited Approximations and Ben Johnston’s String Quartet No. 6, along with a couple short electronic pieces by Dan Stearns.

Episode 5 (April 9, 2019)

Dan Stearns — “Phatom der Nacht,” from Microtonal Music Vol. 1
Georg Friedrich HaasLimited Approximations
Ben Johnston (Kepler Quartet) — String Quartet No. 6
Dan Stearns — “I’m dying, but only strangers seem to notice,” from Microtonal Music Vol. 1

Next week (April 16) I will be taking off, but I will be back on April 23. (For future reference, I will be doing about 5–6 weeks of shows as a stretch, and then taking a week off.) That show will feature a ton of artists and different tracks from all kinds of xenharmonic styles.

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